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France so far away
So very alone I stand
Waiting in vain, in endless rain
For your dark hand
I hunger for your kiss
Your loving arms I miss
France so far away
-I need your love so bad

Oh darling can´t you see
Where ever you may be
I´ll allways be longing for you
And when you are away
I´m only waiting for the day
When you´ll be coming back to me

No, never alone I'll stand
nomore waiting in vain, in endless rain
for your dark hand
I won't hunger for your kiss
there'll be no loving arms to miss
for France I do not care
I'll leave your love behind

Oh, woman can't you see
I'd better let you be
no pleasure will come from loving you
so when you are away
no more waiting for the day
now I will stand up, proud and free
Text: William-Jörgensen
Musik: William-Jörgensen
Skapad år: 1970


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